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Healing and Holy Eucharist p. All Souls is open for visitors from 9 a.

All Souls' Day

All Are Welcome All Souls is a place where you are welcome, just as you are, no matter what. Our Mission. Worship, Ancient and Present Our services blend centuries of musical and liturgical tradition with preaching and language which speaks to our current day.

Explore our Liturgies. Get Involved.

We are a large international church, but we are also a community where everyone is welcome and every individual counts. We'd like to get to know you and hear your story. However long or short a time you are in London, we'd like to help equip you for life — real life. Sundays am Morning service with children and youth programmes am Morning service pm Evening service. Thursdays pm Midweek lunchtime service. Service Details Plan Your Visit. A Family At Heart We are a vibrant, diverse church family growing together to reach the city and beyond with the love of Jesus.

Find Out About Us. Upcoming Events. All Souls, Langham Place.

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It has been said that architecture is frozen music. Can and should Europe maintain its relatively high standard of living as compared with emerging economies?

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Is the treaty of Lisbon a further step towards the federation of Europe — or is it a step back from it? Does any ancient philosopher have something to teach moral philosophers today? Discuss ONE of the following in relation to the literature of any period: apocalypse, Biblicism, commemoration, dialect, enclosure, fortune, geriatrics, homoeroticism, imprisonment, justice, kingdoms, letters, manners, notions, options, pain, questions, republicanism, stupidity, testaments, unimaginability, verisimilitude, wealth, X-Men, youth, zillionaires.

To what end did William the Conqueror assert continuity between his rule and that of Edward the Confessor?

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Are boycotts futile? What, if anything, is wrong with selective schools?

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Is dislike of politicians a sensible default position? Why is a leather jacket more acceptable than a fur coat? Why do Jane Austen's novels continue to be so popular? Can any public and political institutions be trusted to reform themselves? Is student mobility in Europe merely a form of subsidised tourism?

Why does the UN tolerate so many bad regimes? Isn't global warming preferable to global cooling?

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What should the west learn from China? Does celebrity entail a loss of dignity? Is the desire for posthumous fame irrational? What, if anything, should be done about the "obesity epidemic"?