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However, the doctor who had set Booth's leg reported it to be the left leg. Many Enid citizens believed that if George was Booth, the body should be burned.

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Just as public interest was beginning to fade, Finis L. Bates from Memphis, Tennessee, arrived in Enid. Bates identified the body as his old friend John St. Bates had been a lawyer in Granbury, Texas, and claimed to have known St.

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Helen George as a client and friend in the early s. After about five years of friendship St. Helen became seriously ill and believing that he was dying, confessed to Bates that he was Booth. However, some information that Bates later published about St. Helen was inconsistent with documented facts. Nevertheless, the body, which had been embalmed well enough for long-term preservation, was turned over to Bates, who then leased it to interested parties for specified time limits.

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The George story created enough attention to have the body displayed during the St. Louis World's Fair in ; then the mummified cadaver was displayed in different places from time by time by different people, such as carnival sideshow promoters.

John Wilkes Booth

Shipped by rail to California in , the body was stolen after the train wrecked. Bates later recovered the remains and kept it until his death; his widow sold the mummy. It may today be stored in someone's basement or closet.

The Booth Legend has been perpetuated by articles in journals such as Harper's Magazine , Saturday Evening Post , Life , Literary Digest , and many others as well as in numerous newspapers throughout the years. As a young boy growing up in Enid, Henry B. Bass saw the body on display and became fascinated with the story.

John Wilkes Booth

He became a Lincoln poetry collector as well as a major collector of Booth artifacts. He also became an authority on the actor and the legend about Booth, or George, having lived in Enid. Bass, a widely known and respected building contractor, is the man who discovered and reported the strange coincidence that Sgt.

Boston Corbett is buried in Enid. TIME Labs.

John Wilkes Booth

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