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Then, we can add to that by committing time and effort to creating opportunities that have allowed others to gain the success that they have today. I learned that from Paul Tutor Jones—a wealthy hedge fund manager. Not only requiring children to do these things, but doing them as a parent and being an example of those habits is also important. Role modeling is a big part of it, which is a most critical part of the relationship building: the one you have with your parents. As long as kids focus on living a well-rounded life, seeking to be enriched by knowledge and having an active mind, body, and spirit, wealth is sure to follow.

Wealth in and of itself is not a means to an end, but the result of living a good life and having common sense. Success is not once you have the money in your hands, but the lifestyle of self-improvement. Ben Franklin was right that health is wealth. I found your comments to be very informative.

I was puzzled by number Meaning poor not the wealthy? Wondering if there is any correlation between rich vs poor children and whether these children still live together with their biological parents who are still happily married to each other or not? Thanks for the insights from Mr. Listening their parents when they are being taught of values or good attitudes. It would also be better if parents will also be given tips or strategies on how to deal with these kind of chilren. You need a little enlightenment and you also need to check your privledge.

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Instead, we are putting the weight on our shoulders to learn how to engage our children in these habits, inspire them to want to maintain these habits themselves, and define these habits for them so they understand what is going on. So instead of of requiring our kids to have minute of daily aerobic activity we looked for ways to engage them in such activities, talked with them about why it is important, explained the goal, then let them contribute on a plan of action.

Good stuff… we need to teach and have young people practice this in Atlanta. I will definitely apply this learning to my daily life and teach rich habits to my children in the future. Ugh, this list is horrible. What does the very valid point of taxation and wealth redistribution have anything to do with teaching children about managing their own finances?

So many bogus stats and fluff that mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Flossing your teeth isnt going to make you wealthy. What you SHOULD be focusing on instead of garbage lists: how about teaching people to manage their debt vs income ratio? I think the point is that many who have more money have healthier habits.

Flossing your teeth will keep you from spending tons of money on costly dental procedures bc of poor dental hygene. My parents were not wealthy. Neither finished college, however they taught me many of these habits and I worked very hard from the age of 15 to save my money and make smart choices.

Rich parents’ dilemma: when to tell the kids they’re loaded

I made good grades and went to college. The first to graduate on either side of my immediate family. I married later and had children later and have been able to stay home with them bc of the decisions my husband and I made along the way. If parents refuse to educate themselves and learn from others, the cycle will not end. Many congratulations on getting all those good habits to enable you to make the choices you have been able to make in life.

However, I feel it should be noticed that many not all are in a situation where they have to borrow just to cover their everyday living expenses…. Live on less than you make. Be intentional.

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But where we have chosen to live, if he loses his job, both of us working minimum wage would pay our bills. On purpose. We would keep looking for other opportunities, but, barring any medical situations that would take those choices out of our hands, we would be ok for as long as we needed to be. You make choices. You teach your children to make choices. For His glory. Your premise that redistribution is the answer is completely bogus.

Wealth is not a finite thing that has to be redistributed. Wealth is expandable and is created in our economic system. There are things the stifle the creation of wealth: burdensome regulations, over-taxation, corruption, etc. Because of the type of habits mentioned here in some part.

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  4. Wealth is created just as poverty is created. The unfortunate truth about poverty is that it is a result of the consequences of free agency in many cases. These are the types of pressures that make putting the habits into practice more difficult, no doubt about that but there are countless stories generation after generation in this country where those that are in difficult socio-economic situations do rise from their circumstances to achieve a better life and grow to their potential.

    These habits are definitely some of the contributors to their change in situation and no amount of redistribution is ever going to be anything but a feel-good, temporary fix.

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    This is seems to be pretty straight forward and fair. However, what is the correlation between the wealth and the working or middle class? The poor has to exist in capitalism in order for the rich to exist in all honesty. I would like to know if research has been conducted for the latter? Unfortunately, my study focused on the rich and poor. Not addressing the middle class — the majority of people — is problematic. More problematic, however, is the fact that you have not responded to valid criticisms of your article. Just as it is disingenuous for many commenters to act as though these general bromides cannot be applied by most of us, if only in part, it is disingenuous to act as though wealth or just not being poor is not often due to factors such as the happenstance of birth.

    I have responded to those who were respectful for the most part.

    Much of what I write disrupts long-help ideologies, limiting beliefs or agendas of some of my readers. The arguments are always the same. I hate poverty. You can find out why in my bio. My purpose is to help lift the poor by empowering them. They are the only ones who can change their circumstances. Another tiring comment. They do. Habits are responsible for your financial circumstances in life.

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    8. Habits constitute behavior, thinking and choices. Outsiders do not follow the rules contrived by the insiders. I am just a CPA who got his college and graduate degrees from the cheapest, best schools I could afford. I was in search of the truth and I did the best I could using all of my analytical skills, logic and experience.

      Outsiders are often catalysts for change. History is replete with them. Sometimes it takes an outsider to stir things up. Because they are not aware of rigid protocols, they are not confined by them. I welcome the criticism because feedback is essential to growth.

      Rich parents’ dilemma: when to tell the kids they’re loaded - The Globe and Mail

      Very nice. Thomas, the criticisms are the norm when someone attempts to help others and others do not want the help. You have obviously experienced a lot of criticisms, but each of your p;pints is spot on. I have read about, listened to, and absorbed many of these same points from many other folks…but still failed to take action in all respects. My children are doing pretty good because I have focused on making them smarter than I was with finances. However, because of my current inability to break some of these bad habits with regards to finances, I am still in debt.

      That said, I at least know what I need to do and your article gives me more incentive to do it. Now I just need to act, with my better half, so that together, we can reach a point where we are financially secure and happy. I look forward to reading your books. Great article!! I have 5 children and my Twins are my youngest at the age of I have been doing everything I can to teach them what you have written in this article. I wish they would teach this all four years if high school, so they would come out more prepared.

      Open a Roth IRA for Your Teen

      Great article to discuss with our children on the daily basic to build strong relationship with them. If only they had taught these things in school back in the 50s I hopefully would have paid attention and completely change my perspective on creating my future.

      As it is, I never even though about what would happen in one year never mind over the next 50 or 60 yrs. Hopefully those who read your book will be better prepared to handle their financial success, it being something they would strive for. Brian, That is your opinion. He is stating what he observed in his study and is not making any judgements. It is good to see the differences in behaviors of people. No one is looking down on people.